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Due to the technical perfection and trend-setting new design, RIMO created an absolutely high-class kart, the EVO6. Its strong and athletic appearance with an impressing dynamic rapidly outflanks all its predecessors as well as competitors. As always, we also set a high value on the quality and safety of our EVO6. The worldwide inimitably GS certification has become for granted. RIMO kart is used by Michael Schumacher in his kart center.

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We¬īre glad that you invite our website of newly opened entertainment centre Metropole. We believe we make your afternoons more pleasant and you¬īll keep coming back as a satisfied customer. We offer you a playful rivalry kart or bowling style for candidates of any age, in any weather, limited only by opening hours. Restaurant, that is part of the centre, could be a possible enrichment of a visit. We are sure you will select from a number of local specialties and European cuisine. All 100% quality always 100% fresh in non-smoking environment. It is possible to use the center for weddings and corporate events for about 100 people for those interested.

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